Editorial Board


Circe Le Compte

Dr. Circe J. Gray Le Compte is co-editor-in-chief of the HPHR, and co-CEO of The Boston Congress of Public Health.

Dr. Candice Carpenter, Editor-in-Chief, HPHR

Dr. Candice Carpenter is co-editor-in-chief of HPHR and co-CEO of The Boston Congress of Public Health.

Deputy Editors

Evelyn C. Masterson

Evelyn Masterson is Managing Editor for HPHR Journal.

Dr. David-Dan Nguyen

David-Dan Nguyen is a deputy editor of HPHR.

Sumantra Monty Ghosh

Dr. Sumantra Monty Ghosh is a deputy editor of HPHR.

Dr. Jessica Huang

Dr. Jessica Huang is a deputy editor of HPHR.

Dr. Yulin Hswen

Dr. Yulin Hswen is a deputy editor of HPHR.

HPHR Fellow Heather Tillewein

Dr. Heather Tillewein is Communications Chair for the LGBTQ Health Caucus for the American Public Health Association. She holds a PhD in Health Education from Southern Illinois University.


Dr. Duha Shellah

Duha Shellah is the Director of Recruitment for HPHR.


Ronald Chow

Ronald Chow is the Ombudsperson and a Deputy Editor for HPHR.

Associate Editors

Toufik Abdul-Rahman, Sumy State University, Ukraine


Tyler Adamson, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


Sailee Dilip Bhambere, Health Innovators Inc.


Andrew Awuah Wireko, Sumy State University, Ukraine


Rasheera Dopson, Moorehouse College, Atlanta, GA


Cordella Lyon, Preventative Screening, Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas


Jessica Honig, Therapist, Author, Educator


Jacqueline M. Leung, Oregon State University


Adnan Mujanovic, Inselspital, University Hospital Bern


Anh Nguyen, University of Stirling, Dunblane, United Kingdom