Editorial Board


Dr. Circe J. Gray Le Compte is co-editor-in-chief of the HPHR, and co-CEO of The Boston Congress of Public Health.

Dr. Candice Carpenter is co-editor-in-chief of HPHR and co-CEO of The Boston Congress of Public Health.

Catherine Tsasis is co-editor-in-chief of HPHR.

Deputy Editors

Evelyn Masterson is a deputy editor for the HPHR Journal.

Dr. Heather Tillewein is a deputy editor of HPHR.


Usen-Obong Sabbath is Director of Editorial Management and Quality Assurance .

Duha Shellah is the Director of Recruitment for HPHR.

Associate Editors

Jessica Honig, Mindfulness Psychotherapist and UX/Counseling Lecturer, Philadelphia, PA

ackie Leung, Executive Director of the Micronesian Islander Community & Assistant Professor at Linfield University, Oregon

Anh Nguyen
, Clinical Nutrition Director at the Children & Women Health Centre, Registered Nutrition Practitioner, Consultant in Genomic Medicine, UK