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Dr. Candice Carpenter is Co-Editor-in-Chief of Strategy and Innovation at the HPHR Journal. She joined the Harvard Public Health Review in August 2020 as an Associate Editor, quickly progressed to Deputy Editor, and became Co-Editor-in-Chief in February 2021. During her tenure, Dr. Carpenter has played a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of the journal, with a remarkable portfolio of accomplishments that have had a demonstrable impact on the academic public health and social justice community.

In her role, Dr. Carpenter co-leads strategic planning, operations, marketing, branding, sponsorships, and partnerships of HPHR Journal. She has been one of the driving forces behind the journal’s evolution, expanding its reach from Harvard University to a global scale, attracting over 300 authors from all 50 states and more than 23 countries. She has also been an advocate for revamping the peer review process of the journal, as well as multiple cycles of editor and reviewer education and onboarding.

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Dr. Carpenter (right), Dr. Le Compte (left), and Fatou Berry (middle) in New York University for filming Season 3 of The Great Health Debates for the Boston Congress of Public Health. March 2023.

Under her visionary leadership, the HPHR Journal has produced 45 public health special editions and over 300 academic manuscript publications, spanning 36 diverse public health areas, in just three years. Dr. Carpenter’s strategic prowess is further exemplified through her creation and implementation of the HPHR Journal Expedite Campaign and Editorial Expedite Team in Fall 2023.

Moreover, Dr. Carpenter has an indefatigable commitment to nurturing future public health leaders, as evidenced through the creation of the HPHR Fellowship/BCPH Thought Leadership Program, which has seen three cohorts of international graduates. Graduates have produced a wealth of public health-related blog posts, vlogs, and podcasts for www.hphr.org and www.bcph.org.

Dr. Carpenter’s influence extends beyond the pages of the journal. She has led over 15 retreats, bootcamps, and masterclasses, equipping 40+ international fellows with the essential skills of public health thought leadership and cultural responsiveness in the realm of academic publishing.

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As the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Strategy and Innovation at the HPHR Journal, Dr. Candice Carpenter looks forward to the continual growth of academic public health and social justice content, and inspirational thought leadership.

Dr. Carpenter is also spearheading the journal’s next major milestone, in which HPHR Journal officially becomes the Boston Congress of Public Health Review (BCPH/R) in the Summer of 2024.

For more information about HPHR Journal and opportunities for publishing and becoming involved on the editorial board, please visit www.hphr.org. For more information about the Boston Congress of Public Health, please visit www.bcph.org. Connect with Dr. Carpenter here.

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