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Catherine Tsasis

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As a Co-Editor-in-Chief, Catherine Tsasis has been active in the development and running of HPHR Journal. Having joined HPHR in 2020, prior to her position as Co-Editor-in-Chief, Catherine has served as an intern, junior associate editor, associate editor, reviewer, managing editor, and deputy editor, gaining a broad scope of experience and holistic understanding that has served her well in implementing improvements to the Journal. With an interest in global health and humanitarianism, Catherine has helped elevate health equity and social justice as the Journal’s primary focus.


In her role, Catherine has been instrumental in the development of journal policies and procedures regarding authorship and contributorship, complaints and appeals, post-publication discussions and corrections, data sharing and reproducibility, ethical oversight, identification of and dealing with allegations of research misconduct, intellectual property, as well as copyright and article viewing.  


Catherine has also actively led informational sessions to onboard new members, provided educational training for HPHR’s Editor Bootcamp, helped design policies and procedures on new journal initiatives, and participated in special projects including acting as a judge for the BCPH Virtual Research Summit and contributing to editing the Best of HPHR edition. With regards to special editions, Catherine coordinates and manages special edition leads, has designed special edition promotions, written-up introductions to special editions, and spearheaded a special edition collaboration within HPHR’s Consortium and Partnership Program.   


She also regularly leads editorial board meetings and is part of HPHR’s Expedite Campaign initiative which aims to substantially improve publication turn-around times.


Catherine is one of the visionaries on the Journal’s Editorial Leadership Team and looks forward to helping expand the Journal’s discourse on public health issues, health equity, and social justice by promoting collaboration and inviting content that fosters diversity across disciplines.

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