Submitting HPHR Manuscripts on Scholastica


Submitting HPHR Manuscripts on Scholastica

Step 1: Enter the Scholastica Platform

Clicking here or the button below takes you to HPHR‘s Scholastica home page. Once there, click the red “Submit Manuscript” button. 

Submit to Harvard Public Health Review


Step 2: Start the Submission Process by Entering the Title

You’ll then be directed to enter the title of your article and then the “save and continue” button. 

Step 3: Enter the Abstract and Keywords

Once you enter the title, you’ll be prompted to:

  • Enter your manuscript’s abstract. If your piece does not have an abstract, please enter the first paragraph or a brief description.
  • Provide keywords or descriptors

Note: To complete this step, opt to “mark this step as complete” as indicated. 

Step 4: Enter the Contact Author

You’ll then be prompted to add information for the authors. The first author name submitted should be the primary contact.

Note: This section requests optional demographic information, which helps us understand who has submitted to the Journal. It is not required. 

When done, click the blue “Add Author” button.   

Step 5: Enter Additional Authors

If there are additional authors, add them after the contact by clicking the gray “Add Author” button.  

: Please enter authors in order as much as possible here. Author order cannot be changed after submission. However, it can be updated prior to publication. (Scholastica is an editorial platform and not used for publishing.)   

Step 6: Upload Your Manuscript Files

You’ll then be prompted to upload your manuscript file(s) prepared according to HPHR‘s Submission Preparation Guidelines.

Please be sure that your primary manuscript is in Word and aligns with all HPHR guidelines. Authors submitting media may upload additional files as well. Please be sure to submit only high resolution (300 DPI) images. 

Step 7: Suggest Potential Reviewers

You’ll be asked to identify potential reviewers for your paper. This is an optional step. Please be sure NOT to suggest reviewers who informed the paper’s content.   

Step 8: Finalize Submission

With that, you can review your content and click submit.


Note: There is a $20.00 reading fee, which covers the cost of HPHR‘s editorial platform.