About HPHR

The HPHR Journal formerly known as the Harvard Public Health Review, is published by the Boston Congress of Public Health (BCPH), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Mission: The mission of HPHR Journal is to improve health equity and social justice globally through the publication of public health content grounded in the thoughtful evaluation of evidence. To this end, HPHR Journal supports emerging and established investigators producing research in multiple formats: online and print publications, videos, podcasts, ebooks, and more.

HPHR Journal
 seeks content that:

  • Spurs thoughtful and substantive discussion of challenging public health issues

  • Fosters collaboration and diversity across disciplines

  • Integrates ideas and methods

  • Investigates biological, psychosocial, and environmental determinants of health

  • Translates knowledge into action

  • Impacts program and policy decisions and health practices

  • Supports work that advances health equity

Contact Information

To reach HPHR, contact us at: 

Boston Congress of Public Health
Publisher of HPHR Journal
5511  Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 1040
Hollywood, CA 90028

Editors-in-Chief may be reached directly at: 

Dr. Circe Gray Le Compte, drcirce@bcph.org
Dr. Candice Carpenter, drcarpenter@bcph.org