Dr. Circe J. Gray Le Compte, Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Circe LeCompte

Dr. Circe J. Gray LeCompte (she/her/hers) has served as editor-in-chief/co-editor-in-chief of HPHR since 2015, and was part of the Journal‘s founding board, as Deputy Editor, in 2014. She also is co-CEO of The Boston Congress of Public Health, which publishes HPHR. In addition to these leadership roles, she is an Executive Producer of Great Health Debates and co-Producer of The Humor Scientist with Matt Kazam


Dr. Le Compte holds Master of Science and Doctor of Science degrees from Harvard University, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, where she majored in social and behavioral sciences theory/research methods, and racial and sexual/gender minority health. Her independent research inquiries have focused on the use of novel interventions, such as soap operas and PhotoVoice, to improve the health outcomes of medically-underserved populations. For her doctoral dissertation, she used both qualitative and quantitative methods to understand how lived experience frames the conceptualization of health and sexual harm reduction practices of Black/African-American gay and bisexual men and transwomen.


Dr. Le Compte has several decades of communications experience, and previously worked in leadership positions with university-based research centers and national non-profit organizations. While at Harvard, she served as teaching assistant for multiple graduate-level classes, earning a graduation teaching award, in 2020.

Specific Activities and Publications by Dr. Circe LeCompte

Harvard Public Health Review announces the release of the third installment of the The Humor Scientist with Matt Kazam, on HPHR.org.

Harvard Public Health Review announces the release of the second installment of the The Humor Scientist with Matt Kazam, on HPHR.org.

Get acquainted with Matt Kazam, The Humor Scientist who will be guiding you on your to learn about the intersections of humor and health.

In this inaugural episode of The Humor Scientist, Matt Kazam begins his journey to understand the intersections of public health and the three "Cs" of comedy: coping, communication, and connection.

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