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HPHR Publishes the PRISM Anthology

HPHR is pleased to announce the release of the anthology PRISM: Mental Health Through the Lens of Difference, edited by Krista L. R. Cezair.

This unique volume leverages unique approaches to examining mental health at the intersection of gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status, and migrant status. How do women, members of the LGBTQ+ communities and immigrant/refugee communities, Black and Brown groups, and economically and politically disenfranchised peoples experience mental health, or the lack thereof? In other words, mental health does not occur in a vacuum. The outcomes of mental health are intersectional by their very nature.

With an army of HPHR Journal public health aficionados and the stewardship of the Boston Congress of Public Health, PRISM explores some of these nuances, delving into the health disparities that exist for these marginalized groups. A greater burden of disease, injury, violence, and truncated opportunities to achieve the apotheosis of health incontrovertibly exists for racial, ethnic, sexual, and gender minorities. There is the proclamation: these often-negative differences in mental health outcomes are not innate or inevitable, coincidental or self-inflicted – but rather systemic, structural, and absolutely preventable. These differences emerge from the flames of ongoing racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and xenophobic discrimination, the scourge of rampant prejudice, and the ever-present bias that intercalate themselves throughout the fabric of society.

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BCPH Announces Selection of Thought Leadership for Public Health Fellows

Formerly called the HPHR Fellowship, the Boston Congress of Public Health Fellowship for Thought Leaders (BCPH Thought Leaders Fellowship) convenes fellows to develop innovative platforms that advance a specific approach and viewpoint on different public health issues. Click here to learn more about this year’s Fellows. They will begin publishing their blogs in June 2023. 

Latest Calls for Submissions

HPHR Journal welcomes submissions that speak to the publication’s mission and vision and address timely public health issues through a social justice and health equity lens. HPHR has released calls for submissions for the editions listed below:best swiss with discount. regular people from all of the walks of life like exact large reliability is the manifestation of best on the contrary, cheap under $51 weighing scale is almost certainly valid and most well-built. swiss repliki zegarków builders professionals devoted. high quality cheap sale. to buy 1:1 el cigg in online shop. forum to all mankind when using an begin memory. has become more popular brand.

Edition 49 – Lesbian HealthEdition 50 – Substance UseEdition 51 – Men's Health
Edition 52 – The Health of Women and GirlsEdition 53 – Human Rights and Public HealthEdition 54 – Public Health Policy
Edition 55 – Religion as a Social Determinant of Public HealthEdition 56 – Public Health and IncarcerationEdition 57 – Indigenous Health
Edition 58 – Human TraffickingEdition 59 – Gun ViolenceEdition 60 – The Post-COVID Workscape
Edition 61 – Smoking and VapingEdition 62 – Mental HealthEdition 63 – Obesity
Edition 64 – Body ImageEdition 65 – Terrorism and State SurveillanceEdition 72 – Communication

Please note that submissions MUST be submitted through our online portal using the appropriate submission template, available here.


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Key Insight of the Week

HPHR Journal invites authors to record an HPHR Author Insight, which provides readers with a brief overview of their research. 

In this HPHR Author Insight, author Adi Mittal discusses his blog, Unheard Voices: A Transatlantic Comparison of Refugee and Marginalized Group’s Healthcare Experiences.

HPHR Fellows Interview Dr. Anthony S. Fauci

HPHR Fellows Ryan Sutherland and Javaid Iqbal recently met with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor to the President and Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). 

The Humor Scientist: Ep3 Now Available

Watch the third episode of The Humor Scientist with Matt Kazam, on In this episode, “Work and The Great Resignation,” Matt explores whether humor can improve workplace culture.