Denetra Hampton Discusses A Historical Timeline of Pandemic Movements

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Nursing Science: Helping Bridge the Gap of Health Disparities By Denetra Hampton A Timeline of COVID-19 Pandemic Events And Their Effect On Nursing Merriam Webster Dictionary defines a movement as an organized activity working toward an objective, such as the Civil Rights Movement.    In this VLOG I introduce you to a timeline of historical […]

Yves Zuñiga tackles grief and languishing amid COVID-19

Unboxed By Yves Miel H. Zuñiga, FRSPH, AFCHSM, CHM, CPH Of grief and languishing: COVID-19 in the eyes of a person with lived experience Trigger warning: This podcast discusses content about depression and other mental health conditions. If you feel you need support with your mental health, please ensure you seek the appropriate help from […]

How unemployment contributes to poor healthcare access

Without Health We Have Nothing 1 By Gabriel Oke How Unemployment Contributes to Poor Healthcare Access Proshare: Unemployment vs underemployment in Nigeria HPHR Journal Fellow: Gabriel Oke Interviews Bukola Idowu on the ”Without Health We Have Nothing Series”. Mr. Bukola Idowu is the founder of Kimpact Development Initiative (KDI). KDI uses in-depth research, capacity development, and […]

Brian Shim breaks down the multi-level barriers to lung cancer screening

Brian Shim shares an overview of lung cancer, screening, and disparities

Screen the Lungs! By Brian Shim What Makes Screening so Difficult? Dissecting the Multi-Level Barriers to Lung Cancer Screening Previously on Screen the Lungs!¸ we took a look at the deep disparities in lung cancer health and outcomes across the US that have persisted over time.   Lung cancer screening (LCS) using low-dose CT scans […]

Sherry Wu explores the impact of social isolation on residents in long-term care

Sherry Wu explores the impact of social isolation on residents in long-term care

Getting Curious with Sherry By Sherry Wu Impact of Social Isolation on Residents in Long-Term Care Hey there, thanks for dropping by. Whether today’s topic is new to you or something you are deeply passionate about, I hope my exploration will bring you new perspectives to ponder.   Feel free to listen to the blog’s […]