Interview with Shane Gray, Founder, United UVC Inc.

Jayson Toweh

By Jayson Toweh

Interview with Shane Gray, Founder, United UVC Inc.

Engineering a new way to prevent pandemics

In today’s interview Shane Gray from United UVC Inc. was interviewed. Shane is and EPA certified Indoor Air Quality technician who founded United UVC to establish an effective airborne sanitation technology to fight infectious diseases around the world. My conversation with Shane, focused on what the Ultra Violet C (UVC) technology can do to reduce the spread of disease and improve air quality. Shane talked about how in the poor indoor air quality can reduce life expectancy by up to ten years. In the United States alone about 25% of homes are exposed to second hand smoke. UVC has an efficacy rate of greater than 99.7%. As it passes through a homes HVAC system it kills bacteria, virus, and other pathogens by damages their stopping their ability to multiple. Imperial College found that UVC lead to 70% reductions of tuberculosis in hospital wait rooms [CITE]. During the pandemic, Shane has been using the UVC tech as a way to kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus to reduce COVID-19. UVC is a tech that could be utilized in a variety of contexts to reduce the occurrence of epidemics and pandemics. One of the ways to expand and accomplish this is by offering low cost options for it. 




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