The Interdisciplinarian

By Sofia Weiss Goitiandia

Reflecting on gender, health and the medical institution:
Sofia Weiss Goitiandia speaks to Advocate & Medical Herstory Founder Tori Ford

Credits: Medical Herstory,


Welcome back to The Interdisciplinarian! 


In this podcast, Sofia Weiss Goitiandia interviews Medical Herstory founder Tori Ford. As a reminder or for those new to the blog, Sofia is a medical and global health student with interdisciplinary interests in philosophy, history and languages amongst others. Tori is also an interdisciplinary scholar, with a background spanning gender and feminist studies, sociology, public health and more. In 2019 she started the not-for-profit organisation Medical Herstory, which works tirelessly to eliminate sexism, shame and stigma from health experiences through storytelling, medical education, and patient advocacy. Sofia and Tori met that same year whilst both studying at the University of Cambridge, and have been working together as gender health equity activists since.


In this 30-minute podcast, Sofia and Tori dive into a range of topics, including:


  • Both of their journeys into interdisciplinary academic work centring on health, as well as the value of such studies.
  • Making the case for medicine as a deeply human endeavour, at the heart of which are not just pathological processes, but also lived experiences and stories.
  • The historical and systematic problem of gender health inequity in medical practice and education, as well as in biomedical research.
  • The political mission of making gender equity in health a de facto reality, and why civil engagement is key to achieving this goal.
  • Medical Herstory’s ground-breaking work in challenging and meaningfully changing the status quo, and how – if you’d like – you too can get involved with the organisation.


Take a listen, reflect on the conversation, and feel free to leave your feedback! If you want to know more, check out Medical Herstory at:


Credits: Medical Herstory,

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