Sleep and Mental Health in Students

Sleep and Mental Health in Students

Sleep and Mental Health in Students By James Davis Sleep and Mental Health in Students Student mental health concerns are on the rise (Chirikov et al., 2020). Schools expanding mental health support do so amid regular questions of efficacy (Chamberlin, 2009). Despite many well-intended initiatives, mental health trends have not changed much over the years. […]

Dr. Rofadun Nisa and Javaid Iqbal discusses “Healthcare in Kashmir”

Dr Rufaid and Javaid Iqbal discuss Healthcare in Kashmir

The i-value By Javaid Iqbal Health Care in Kashmir *All authors contributed equally to this publication (Rofadun Nisa and Javaid Iqbal)   The weight of delivering health care during a pandemic is heavy—it is even more so when this is happening in a society suffering from a protracted socio-political conflict for the last seven decades. […]

The GOLDEN TRIAD OF EPD: Prevention (Part 2)

Stuti Chakraborty proposes the GOLDEN TRIAD OF EPD: Early Prevention and Detection in Stroke (Part 1)

Stroke Reimagined By Stuti Chakraborty The Golden Triad of EPD in Stroke: Prevention (Part 2) Apart from early prediction or detection of stroke, and its related outcomes, it is also imperative to ensure the primary prevention of stroke. This is of relevance from a public health perspective because ensuring the health of billions of people […]

Joanna Burke-Bajaj explores One Health as an opportunity for advocacy towards systems change

Health with Humanity By Joanna Burke-Bajaj One Health: An emerging public health field with the opportunity to build systems change The new and burgeoning field of One Health (OH) grew from the long-known concept of connection between living things, but took on new meaning in the growing knowledge of connectivity between health-related disciplines and major events […]