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Naina Qayyum

By Naina Qayyum

Those Who Feed Us: Insights From Child Feeding Practices

For this post, I was interested to learn about first-hand experiences in child feeding practices. I focused on children between two to ten years. I reached out to mothers who voluntarily and with consent agreed to share their experiences with me about how they feed their children.

According to the Convention on the Right of the Child it is every child’s right to be fed nutritious food. And as I highlighted in my blog on adolescent health, children experience rapid growth during childhood and adolescence, and need good quality diets for growth, more than any other stage of life.

In this part 1 of the blog, I am sharing my conversation as a vlog. In part 2, I will dig deeper into what I observed from my interaction with parents/guardians* and what research says.


I am grateful to the parents/guardians who agreed to share their experiences.


*All those featured in the video provided a written consent of participation.

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