Screen the Lungs

Brian Shim

By Brian Shim

Brian Shim

Brian Shim (he/him/his; based in Boston, MA) is an undergraduate student studying Cell & Molecular Biology and Journalism Studies at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. He works as a student researcher in medical oncology at the Hahn Laboratory of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute with focuses on immunotherapy and genetic vulnerabilities in breast, brain, and CNS cancers. Brian is highly interested in abating the high overall and disparate rates of morbidity and mortality in cancer by leveraging molecular, clinical, and public health approaches. As a public health advocate, Brian is working to improve the implementation of preventive interventions in cancer in order to reduce barriers to access and increase engagement among medically underserved patient populations.

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Brian Shim shares an overview of lung cancer, screening, and disparities

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