Yves Miel H. Zuñiga, FRSPH, AFCHSM, CHM, CPH

By Yves Miel H. Zuñiga, FRSPH, AFCHSM, CHM, CPH

Well-being and the science of kindness

Roundtable discussion (Part 2 of 2)

We have the power within each of us, through kindness, to impact our collective community and our collective mental health.

In my previous article, we learned how kindness can take different forms such as respect to human rights, empathy, and self-care. Beyond these values, how can we make kindness benefit our communities, workplaces and even the public mental health system? 

With invited panelists from United for Global Mental Health, the World Health Organization Philippines, and BEAGIVER, the second part of this roundtable discussion highlights how kindness can be translated into a collective effort for better mental health and well-being.

"Translating kindness into action means to continue being champions against social injustices."

"The way we influence people is through our actions. It's good to reflect when creating policies, plans, and programs: are we modelling kindness?"

RTD on kindness part 2
Second part of the roundtable discussion on well-being and the science of kindness with panelists from the international and national nongovernment organizations

Key points

"It is important that we work across the society to improve mental health for all."

Acknowledging the impact of COVID-19 across institutions and sectors, kindness is indeed a value that needs to be integrated within our systems and communities. It can also mean caring for everyone, especially those affected by mental health conditions, by holding people in powerful positions accountable for creating safer and more inclusive spaces for all and for ensuring access to services and care for those in need. To be kind means to be a champion of human rights and of our collective mental health. 

Watch the second part of the roundtable discussion below:

Full Conversation (Part II)

About the panelists

Sarah Kline

  • Sarah is the co-Founder and the CEO of United for Global Mental Health, a UK-based global mental health charity that exists to advocate, campaign, and fundraise for greater political and financial support for mental health. In her role, she is responsible for all aspects of running the organization and has oversight for policy, advocacy, and financing work. Over the course of her career, she has developed and delivered successful national and international campaigns and initiatives aimed at governments, international institutions, and political parties at the highest levels.


Dr. Jasmine Vergara


Josh Mahinay

  • Josh is a Filipino social entrepreneur and community volunteer. After returning from Los Angeles, in 2017, he founded BEAGIVER VENTURES INC., a social entrepreneurship venture that supports impoverished school children through its “buy one, give one” business model, where is now the President and CEO.

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