Joanna Burke-Bajaj explores One Health as an opportunity for advocacy towards systems change

Health with Humanity By Joanna Burke-Bajaj One Health: An emerging public health field with the opportunity to build systems change The new and burgeoning field of One Health (OH) grew from the long-known concept of connection between living things, but took on new meaning in the growing knowledge of connectivity between health-related disciplines and major events […]

Joanna Burke-Bajaj on workplace equity in long-term care

Health with Humanity By Joanna Burke-Bajaj Workplace Equity in Long-Term Care: Devaluing care and the feminisation of labour   When discussing the widespread implications of health inequities it is important to not negate the fact that the need for improvements in health equity apply not only to patients and communities seeking care, but also to healthcare […]

Joanna Burke-Bajaj discusses the role of gender equality in improving access to clean water

Health with Humanity By Joanna Burke-Bajaj Gender Equality and Water: The effects of advancement of the status of women on improved clean water accessibility   Within many low-to-middle income countries and communities (LMICs) around the world, women’s health and significant facets of women’s lives are intrinsically tied to water, often through applied social gender roles […]

Joanna Burke-Bajaj on how guaranteed income policies can reduce IPV

Health with Humanity By Joanna Burke-Bajaj How Guaranteed Income Policies Can Reduce IPV Within the field of Public Health, there is significant focus on reducing disease and illness, and with extensive discussions regarding topics like increasing uptake of vaccines or lowering waiting times for primary care, it can be easy to overlook the role of […]

Joanna Burke-Bajaj discusses the health equity of quality improvement and reliability

Health with Humanity By Joanna Burke-Bajaj High Reliability in Healthcare: Creating Reliable Health Equity through Quality Improvement and Patient Safety You may not have heard the term High Reliability Organization (HRO) before, but you have probably been interacting with HROs and trusting them with your safety for most of your life. HROs operate at the nexus […]