Dr. Rofadun Nisa and Javaid Iqbal discusses “Healthcare in Kashmir”

Dr Rufaid and Javaid Iqbal discuss Healthcare in Kashmir

The i-value By Javaid Iqbal Health Care in Kashmir *All authors contributed equally to this publication (Rofadun Nisa and Javaid Iqbal)   The weight of delivering health care during a pandemic is heavy—it is even more so when this is happening in a society suffering from a protracted socio-political conflict for the last seven decades. […]

The GOLDEN TRIAD OF EPD: Prevention (Part 2)

Stuti Chakraborty proposes the GOLDEN TRIAD OF EPD: Early Prevention and Detection in Stroke (Part 1)

Stroke Reimagined By Stuti Chakraborty The Golden Triad of EPD in Stroke: Prevention (Part 2) Apart from early prediction or detection of stroke, and its related outcomes, it is also imperative to ensure the primary prevention of stroke. This is of relevance from a public health perspective because ensuring the health of billions of people […]

Dr. Hannah Nazri’s Recommended Readings

Dr. Hannah Nazri Column

Dr. Hannah Nazri recommends three books to understand how politics and economic climate, and culture can impact a patient’s journey in accessing healthcare especially if they are women.