Rebecca Elliott answers the question: Is the American education system “healthy”?

True Curriculum Rebecca Elliott, MPH Lesson 8: Is American Education Healthy? Revisited It is time to answer our original question… Welcome back. Last week, we talked about the economics of education, and how it actually may be beneficial for the system at large to prioritize building ignorant, obedient workers, rather than curious, competent students. At […]

Rebecca Elliott discusses the Economics of Education

True Curriculum Rebecca Elliott, MPH Lesson 7: The Economics of Education Here we go… Well friends, so far in our journey we have covered a lot. We discussed the purpose of education, and how the way the United States does schooling is far from reaching the desired goal. We talked about the messages sent by […]

Rebecca Elliott discusses “American Education: Flawed by Design?”

True Curriculum Rebecca Elliott, MPH Lesson 2: American Education – Flawed by Design? Part I Last time we talked we explored the topic of education, its purpose, and how given our idealistic definition of education, America’s version may not add up. Today, we’re digging further into the design of the American education system, specifically, the […]

Rebecca Elliott discusses “The Black and White of American Education”

True Curriculum Rebecca Elliott, MPH Lesson 5: The Black and White of American Education We gotta talk about race now… When we were last together, we came to a startling conclusion about the American education system: It is not designed to educate. Even if you still have faith in the education system, you must admit […]