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Why Submit to HPHR Journal?

HPHR Journal (formerly known as the Harvard Public Health Review) is an academic, peer-reviewed public health journal. The Journal has undergone significant expansion in its scope and format since launching in 2014. The Journal currently is indexed by JSTOR; however, the Journal will be equipped with DOI in Winter 2021.  

invites submissions from emerging and established researchers representing diverse settings, including universities, nonprofit/nongovernmental organizations, hospitals and other health settings, community-based organizations, and others. All submissions are expected to speak to the mission and vision of the Journal and address public health issues within an evidence-based and health equity framework.



To ensure a dynamic showcase for contributors’ diverse research interests, talents, and creativity, HPHR seeks a range of materials. Complete submission guidelines and templates are provided in the Submissions section.  You may go straight to the submissions portal here


HPHR currently is not charging publication fees. The Journal does charge a $20 reading fee per submission. (Waived fees will be considered on a very limited, case-by-case basis.)


Note: It is imperative that authors comply with the submission guidelines below. If you do not follow these steps, your article will not be reviewed and be desk rejected. 20

1. Identify Your Submission Type

HPHR currently accepts the following types of pieces in response to its Calls for Submissions

  1. Original Research Articles describe the results of original research of public health importance. Preferred length is 3,000 words max (excluding References, Figures, and Tables). Longer submissions considered on case-by-case basis.

  2. Review Articles may be systematic (with or without meta-analysis) or narrative, and must address a specific question or issue relevant to public health. Preferred length is 500-3,000 words.

  3. Research Letters are brief articles detailing original research in progress that are 750 words or less (excluding References, Figures, and Tables).

  1. Commentaries address public health issues written from an evidence-based perspective. Point-Counterpoints are often solicited special editorials on a specific public health issue from opposing vantage points or responses to previously published HPHR articles. Preferred length of these submissions is 500-3,000 words.

  2. Atypical Articles are unique, creative articles (such as research protocols, essays, poems, policy memos, ethical treatises, etc.) related to the field of public health. These pieces typically are no more than 1,000 words.

  3. Electronic Media encompass recordings of interviews, editorials, and so on. It also includes HPHR Author Insight videos from accepted authors. Pieces must be accompanied by a description of 200-300 words. Authors are responsible for obtaining all reprint permissions. Copies of release forms may be requested prior to publishing images and footage of identifiable persons. 

2. Prepare Submissions According to HPHR's Guidelines

Prepare your submission according to the appropriate submission guidelines, available here.

3. Upload Your Submission to HPHR's Editorial Platform, Scholastica

HPHR manages articles through the platform, Scholastica.  Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to submit to HPHR’s editorial platform, Scholastica.  

HPHR Timeline

Materials submitted in response to special editions received an expedited review of 4-6 weeks. Otherwise, authors can expect decisions within 6-8 weeks of submission. 


Submit questions to editorial@HPHR.org.


Unless requested, please DO NOT email submissions or pitches/abstracts for potential articles. They will not be reviewed.