Dr. David-Dan Nguyen

Dr. Jeconiah Louis Dreisbach

Dr. Jeconiah Louis Dreisbach (PhD Candidate in Humanities and Communication, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) is an assistant professorial lecturer at the Filipino Department of De La Salle University in Manila, where he teaches courses in Philippine languages, cultures, and media. He is also a doctoral researcher in critical sociolinguistics for the UOC research group Language, Culture, and Identity in the Global Age (IdentiCat) in Barcelona. He is also interested in the political, cultural, and linguistic aspects of public health research.

HPHR Fellows Interview Anthony S. Fauci, MD, Chief Medical Advisor to the President & NIAID Director

Special Interview withAnthony S. Fauci, MD Conducted by HPHR Fellows Alumni Ryan Sutherland, MPH and Javaid Iqbal, MPSS (l-r) HPHR Fellows Interview …

Isi Headshot

Isioma Okolo is a medical doctor in the final year of her Obstetrics & Gynaecology residency in Scotland, UK.

HPHR Fellows Fall 2021

HPHR Fellows Cohort 2 HPHR Fellows – Fall 2021 Below are the HPHR Fellows who participated in the Fall 2021 Cohort.    …

HPHR Fellows Summer 2021

HPHR Fellows Cohort 1 HPHR Fellows – Summer 2021 Below are the HPHR Fellows who participated in the Inaugural Cohort in Summer …

Rasheera Dopson discusses the Age of Health Equity

Screen the Lungs! By Brian Shim Introduction to Lung Cancer, Disparities, and Screening Intro to lung cancer health and disparity Despite striding …

Gabriel Oke - Without Health we have nothing

Gabriel Oke in this blog discussed how COVID19 forcefully reduced medical tourism and made gaps in our healthcare system even more glaring and also lessons for epidemic preparedness and strengthening of Nigeria health system.

Bryan Buckley

Dr. Byran O. Buckley

Dr. Bryan Buckley is an advisor to HPHR.

HPHR Fellow Ellen Considine

Columnist – Ellen Considine

Ellen Considine is a first-year PhD student at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Dr. Ryan Montoya - Abortion Consultation

Dr. Ryan Montoya sheds light on providing abortion consultations via telehealth during the pandemic.

Dr. Ryan Montoya

Columnist – Dr. Ryan Montoya

Dr. Ryan Montoya is the Primary Care Medical Director at Planned Parenthood Metropolitan Washington, in Washington, DC.

HPHR Fellow Ananya Awasthi

Dr. Ananya Awasthi is the Assistant Director for the Harvard School of Public Health- India Research Center.

HPHR Fellow Dr. Hannah Nazri

Columnist – Dr. Hannah Nazri

Dr. Hannah Nazri is a specialty trainee in obstetrics & gynaecology at the United Kingdom's National Health Service England and a DPhil candidate in Obstetrics & Gynaecology with a focus on endometriosis pathophysiology and biomarker research at the University of Oxford.

Columnist – Penny Sun

Penny Sun just finished her MPH student in the Global Health department, with a certificate in leadership studies, from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

HPHR Fellow Sofia Weiss Goitiandia

Sofia Weiss Goitiandia (she/her) is a medical student holding a BA in Natural Sciences (specialisation: Neurosciences) from the University of Cambridge, who will also complete her MSc in Global Health at Karolinska Institutet in June 2021.

HPHR Fellow Naomi Fukuda

Columnist – Naomi Fukuda

Naomi Fukuda is a pre-dental student at Haverford College.

PHR Fellows - Randevyn Pierre

Columnist – Randevyn Pierre

Randevyn is a Colorado native, and matriculated from Colorado Technical University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Yves Miel H. Zuñiga, FRSPH, AFCHSM, CHM, CPH

Yves Miel H. Zuñiga is a Senior Health Program Officer at the Philippine Department of Health – Health Technology Assessment Unit.

Sherry Wu

HPHR Fellow – Sherry Wu

Sherry Wu is a Master of Public Health candidate at the University of Washington in the Community-Oriented Public Health Practice cohort.

Rasha Kaloti

HPHR Fellow – Rasha Kaloti

Rasha Kaloti is a Global Health consultant and a Research Associate at the Global Health Institute (GHI) - American University of Beirut (AUB).

Dr Quinn M. Gentry

Dr Quinn M. Gentry is President and CEO of Messages of Empowerment Productions, LLC.

Gabriel Oke

HPHR Fellow – Gabriel Oke

Gabriel Oke is is currently a Program Assistant at Nigeria Health Watch.

Ifedolapo A. Bamikole, JD MPH

Ifedolapo A. Bamikole is a senior consultant at Guidehouse, LLP

Naina Qayyum

HPHR Fellow – Naina Qayyum

Dr. Dhairya Shrivastava earned her Bachelor's degree in Economics and Global Health from Middlebury College.

Jayson Toweh

HPHR Fellow – Jayson Toweh

Dr. Jayson Toweh is an environmental scientist and program analyst at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Inspector General, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Dhairya Shrivastava

Dr. Dhairya Shrivastava is a Junior Consultant in Bain and Company, India.

Denetra Hampton

HPHR Fellow – Denetra Hampton

Denetra Hampton is a film producer and former U.S. Naval Nurse Corps Officer.

Claire Bunn

HPHR Fellow – Claire Bunn

Claire Bunn is a senior undergraduate Foundation Fellow and Stamps Scholar at the University of Georgia.

Duha Shellah

Duha Shellah

Duha Shellah is the Director of Recruitment for HPHR.


Dr. Achama Eluwa is a medical doctor medical in Oxford, England.

Brian Shim

HPHR Fellow – Brian Shim

Brian Shim is an undergraduate at Northeastern University.

Episode 3: Work and The Great Resignation

Harvard Public Health Review announces the release of the third installment of the The Humor Scientist with Matt Kazam, on HPHR.org.

How does wildfire smoke impact our health, and how can we reduce this harm?

Sleep and Mental Health in Students

Sleep and Mental Health in Students By James Davis Sleep and Mental Health in Students Student mental health concerns are on the …

Randevyn Pierre discusses "Black Healthcare Hesitancy and Its Impact The 100 Series"

Former President Barack Obama is famously quoted as saying, “we have more in common than we have things that divide us.” This philosophy may or may not have moved the needle on this country’s politics around human decency, but perhaps it offers us a start to reducing healthcare hesitancy in exam rooms all over the United States.

Time is Never Enough: Stuti Chakraborty emphasises on the reality behind Young Strokes (Part 1)

Stroke Reimagined By Stuti Chakraborty   Time is Never Enough: The reality behind young strokes (Part 1) Prevalence of strokes among young …

Time is Never Enough: Stuti Chakraborty emphasises on the reality behind Young Strokes (Part 2)

Stroke Reimagined By Stuti Chakraborty  Time is Never Enough: The reality behind Young Strokes (Part 2) In the first part of this …

True Curriculum Rebecca Elliott, MPH Lesson 9: Where do we go from here? Time to say goodbye… Well, here we are, the …

Randevyn Pierre discusses "Black Healthcare Hesitancy and Its Impact Profile 104: Healthcare Through Angela’s Eyes (Part 2 of 2)

During Angela Braden's battle to preserve her sight, the medical mistrust of her support system took an unexpected turn as her Black family immediately questioned the qualifications and competence of a Black physician. Soon thereafter, they were confronted with their worse fears.

Lindsay Rosenfeld, ScD, ScM highlights absurdities of navigating the modern health care system for children with complex needs (#8)

How can we provide the best care for our children if the process is so complex, and sometimes absurd?

Lindsay Rosenfeld, ScD, ScM discusses Health Literacy, Health Equity, and Housing: Focus on the Section 8 Housing Search (#7)

Housing is Health. Health Equity is Health Literacy. What can we do to make systems better so people can use them and improve their health?

Jackie Leung discusses the importance of community health workers in public health.

Dr Rufaid and Javaid Iqbal discuss Healthcare in Kashmir

The i-value By Javaid Iqbal Health Care in Kashmir *All authors contributed equally to this publication (Rofadun Nisa and Javaid Iqbal)   …

Stuti Chakraborty proposes the GOLDEN TRIAD OF EPD: Early Prevention and Detection in Stroke (Part 1)

Stroke Reimagined By Stuti Chakraborty The Golden Triad of EPD in Stroke: Prevention (Part 2) Apart from early prediction or detection of …

The GOLDEN TRIAD OF EPD: Prevention (Part 2)

Stroke Reimagined By Stuti Chakraborty Detection and Prediction of stroke outcomes have been recent advancements of AI-ML, especially with the help of …

Ryan Sutherland, MPH, and Nur Afiaty Investigate the Spread of COVID-19 and Misinformation in Indonesia

As the world’s fourth most populated country with a population that exceeds 270 million, Indonesia has reported over 2.7 million COVID-19 infections. Recent surges have exposed the vulnerability of the Indonesian healthcare system, overwhelming overburdened medical facilities. Will Indonesia become the next global epicenter for the virus, replacing India and Brazil?

Dr. Ananya Awasthi describes how WHO's MPOWER strategy can be applied to promote a HEALTHY FOOD ENVIRONMENT.

The blog discusses WHO's MPOWER strategy and how it can be applied to promote a Healthy Food Environment.

True Curriculum Rebecca Elliott, MPH Lesson 8: Is American Education Healthy? Revisited It is time to answer our original question… Welcome back. …

Dr. Ananya Awasthi discusses why we need knowledge translation to promote India's nutrition agenda?

The blog discusses the need for knowledge translation to promote an evidence based agenda for India's nutrition policy and action agenda.

Dr. Hannah Nazri Column

Dr. Hannah Nazri recommends three books to understand how politics and economic climate, and culture can impact a patient's journey in accessing healthcare especially if they are women.

Dr. Hannah Nazri tells us why she is passionate about combining activism into her clinical work and research interests, the nature of science and how medicine cannot work in silo.

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