Watch Episode 2: How to Use Your Words ​

Episode 2 - June 6, 2021


Episode Citation

The Humor Scientist Featuring Matt Kazam. Episode 2: How to Use Your Words. ​Harvard Public Health Review. 2021. Available at 

July 6, 2021 ~ Harvard Public Health Review announces the release of the second installment of the The Humor Scientist with Matt Kazam, on In this episode, Matt continues his journey examining the intersections of humor and public health with “How to Use Your Words.” When asked about what inspired the episode, Matt points to societal upheaval of the past year. “Here we were, in the middle of a pandemic, more connected than ever online, but increasingly unable to be civil to one another,” he says. “The well-being of society depends on our ability to communicate humanely.”


That’s easier said than done, Matt explains: “We tell children to use their words, but, in truth, most of us are never really taught the power of those words or how humans are connected them. Stand-up comedians, at their core, are wordsmiths who understand not only what the words mean, but how they will be received by those around them.” 


Viewers join Matt as he meets with one of HPHR’s co-editors-in-chief to learn how words at the policy, community, organizational, interpersonal, and individual levels shape our reality and have real-world impacts on population health. The conversation continues with comedian/actor, Alonzo Bodden, and television producer/writer, Mark Gross – folks who make a living choosing the right words. Then it’s off to the Humor Lab, where Matt reflects on the episodes lessons and how to use thoughtful communications in everyday life.

The producers wish to give a special thanks to Alonzo Bodden and Mark Gross for participating in the second episode of The Humor Scientist.