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Ifedolapo A. Bamikole, JD MPH

By Ifedolapo A. Bamikole, JD, MPH

Ifedolapo A. Bamikole, JD, MPH

Ifedolapo A. Bamikole, JD, MPH (she/her/hers; based in Washington, DC) is a senior consultant at Guidehouse, LLP experienced in public sector and government consulting. She also teaches a number of public health courses at St. Catherine University as an adjunct faculty at the undergrad and graduate levels. Ife’s professional interests lie at the intersection of law and the public’s health. How does one affect the other, and how can the law be leveraged to reduce health disparities.

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Ife discusses The Role of Public Health Law in State Health Outcomes in the US

September 11, 2021

The life expectancy and mortality rates of certain states are so disparate that it raises many questions, the most important being – why are some states healthier than others?

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