Stories Beyond the Statistics from the American South

Claire Bunn

By Claire Bunn

Claire Bunn

Claire Bunn (she/her/hers; based in Athens, Georgia) is a senior undergraduate Foundation Fellow and Stamps Scholar at the University of Georgia majoring in genetics and minoring in statistics. She hopes to combine her interests in science and medicine with a passion for public health to work toward achieving health equity. At UGA, she serves as a campus tour guide, volunteers as a math tutor for children in the local community, and was named a 2021 Goldwater Scholar for her research efforts in bioinformatics and protein kinases on campus and developmental lung biology at Vanderbilt.


Raised in the Arkansas Delta, her interest in public health is fueled by health disparities in communities like her own. She aspires to be a physician-scientist with a focus on child and maternal health, advocating for increased healthcare access and equity for vulnerable populations.

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A map taken from the 2019 Annual Health Report of America’s Health Rankings showing the healthiest states (1) to the least healthy states (50). The majority of the least healthy states are centered in the Southern region of the United States, with all of the healthiest states located outside of the South.

Public health encompasses more than statistics; it is the lived experiences of individuals, families, and communities.

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