Engaging Health Equity

HPHR Fellow Lindsay Rosenfeld

By Lindsay Rosenfeld, ScD, ScM

Dr. Lindsay Rosenfeld

Dr. Lindsay Rosenfeld is a social epidemiologist with research, practice, and policy interests in the social determinants of health, child equity, and health literacy. She is currently an Instructor at the Harvard School of Public Health where she teaches two courses in Health Literacy. She also leads research focused on families and kids with complex needs at: Brandeis University, Heller School, Institute for Child, Youth, & Family Policy; Boston Children’s Hospital, Division of Newborn Medicine, NICU GraDS [Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Growth and Developmental Support program]; and Harvard Medical School, Undiagnosed Diseases Network Coordinating Center. She is also a longtime member of the American Dental Association’s Health Literacy in Dentistry Committee – and the mother of two former micropreemies – now 3rd graders – each with their own complex developmental and medical journey.

Blogs by Dr. Lindsay Rosenfeld

How can we provide the best care for our children if the process is so complex, and sometimes absurd?

Housing is Health. Health Equity is Health Literacy. What can we do to make systems better so people can use them and improve their health?

What can you do to build community in your classroom (or organizational setting)?

Let’s stop focusing on system users (e.g. patients, families, students) as the problem and start focusing on the ways we can create a usable system.

How do we do Health Equity? Start by asking yourself questions to continuously learn.

How do we do Health Equity? Start by asking questions to continuously learn.

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