Lessons from Bihar

HPHR Fellow Ankit Raj

By Dr. Ankit Raj

Dr. Ankit Raj​

Ankit Raj is a junior doctor from the eastern state of Bihar in India. Growing up from a resource scarce region of the world, he has leveraged little opportunities to grow his skills and interests in multiple fields, often far outside his comfort zone. A medical doctor by profession and an MBBS from Manipal University, he has also studied international relations and healthcare management. He is particularly interested in global surgery, surgical system strengthening, health policy, and international health.


Ankit has participated at multiple international platforms like World Health Assembly and Partners Forum to represent the needs and aspirations of youth from around the world. He also has deep interests in writing and has published in national and international journals, blogs, newspapers, and has won several awards for his writing. Previously he has actively worked with international non-profit organisations like International Students Surgical Network and One Surgery with particular focus on global surgery.

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