Edition 66, Hackathon Special Edition

This edition of HPHR covers the articles from the HPHR Hackathon

Implications for Female Same Sex Couples and HIV By Dr. Heather Tillewein and Nicolle Ma Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter

Vitamin D and Mirror Pop-ups as Prophylaxis Against the Overuse of Amputation in Black Americans with Diabetic Foot Injury By Sarvani Ramcharran

Material Science Versus SSI: Bioinspired Omniphobic Functional Surfaces Against Surgical Site Infections By Chad Patrick Osorio, Nicolle Ma, Prabath Kuzhikkat, Nadeem Ahmed,

An Application of Algae Technology for Surgery and Public Health By Nicolle Ma, Prabath Kuzhikkat, Chad Patrick Osorio, Dr. Nadeem Ahmed Share