Edition 58 – Human Trafficking

Edition 58, Human Trafficking

Edition 58 addresses the public health implications of human trafficking.

Veteran on a wheelchair on a psychotherapy session

The Impact of Human Trafficking on Veterans: Increasing Awareness among Veterans and Employees through Education By Katie Papke, LMSW, CAADC, CCTP, CHTVSP;

Protestor holding up a sign that says "decriminalize sex work- safety first"

Decriminalizing Sex Work to Combat Exploitation in the Sex Trade Ms. Kimberly Fuentes, MSW Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter

Edition 58 – Partnering for Human Trafficking Prevention: Implementing Love146's Not a Number Curriculum through Minnesota's Safe Harbor Program

Citation Palmer C, Menanteau B, Glaccum E, Flood A, Miller J, Schaefer P, Cook E, Orley M. Partnering for human trafficking prevention: