Duha Shellah

Duha Shellah

Duha Shellah, Director of Recruitment

Duha Shellah serves as Director Recruitment for HPHR.

Duha Shellah is the chief executive officer (CEO) & Founder of the research community of Palestine
“The Researchist”. She is  an Elsevier Student Ambassador. Duha is a Student Editor & Palestine Ambassador at the International Journal of Medical Students. She has been assigned as an Associate Editor at Harvard Public Health Review. Also, Duha is Country Coordinator at the International Youth Alliance for Family planning. Duha is an MD candidate, studying at An-Najah National University, Palestine. She is intern writer at In- Training Magazine. Newly, She got the membership of Committee of Publications Ethics.

Nationally, Duha, is an ambassador for the Palestinian Forum for medical Research and the third undergraduate Research conference – Al Quds University.

Duha Shellah

Duha Shellah

September 7, 2021

Duha Shellah is the Director of Recruitment for HPHR.

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