Cordella Lyon

HPHR Fellow Cordella Lyon - Caring Connections

Cordella Lyon is a Registered Nurse and Program Coordinator of Preventative Screening at Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas.

Cordella Lyon explores how routine HIV screening can end the HIV epidemic

End it! With routine testing we can end HIV together. By Cordella Lyon, RN   Routine HIV testing should be included as a regular aspect of care in all healthcare settings. With routine HIV testing we can test 90% of our population. Link 90% of PLWH to care. Assist 90% of those who are in […]

Cordella Lyon – 1: Blog Title

Caring Connections of Southeast Texas By Cordella Lyon Title of Blog Previous Next Why are we so quick to psychologise what we do not know? Women already have a history of not being believed. In many instances, women’s pain experience is too often ascribed to women’s catastrophising attitudes (Samulowitz, Gremyr, Eriksson, & Hensing, 2018), despite […]