Yves Miel H. Zuñiga, FRSPH, AFCHSM, CHM, CPH

By Yves Miel H. Zuñiga, FRSPH, AFCHSM, CHM, CPH

Resilience starts at home:

A closer look at mothers and mental health

"Taking care of you and your mental health is not selfish. A healthy mom is a gift to a child."

Now more than ever, we’ve seen how mental health is an essential public health issue, especially during this pandemic. In my previous post, I discussed how COVID impacted our mental health both at the individual and community level. In this segment, let’s take a closer look at resilience within our homes through a coffee chat with a Filipino working mother who leads a community of over 365,000 members in the Philippines: Maria Korina “Mommy MK” Bertulfo, the Founder and CEO of FHMoms


In this brief chat, Mommy MK and I had the chance to learn how everyone’s life at home drastically changed because of the pandemic, and mothers are no exception.

A Coffee Chat with the FHMoms Founder and CEO Maria Korina "Mommy MK" Bertulfo

"When the first lockdown happened, it was really scary because we really didn't know what would happen next. Everything was unpredictable. I felt different, and I know other moms would have experienced it too."

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COVID, as we know, has caused huge interruptions in our lives, and we recognize that mothers play a vital role in ensuring resilience within our homes. But, just like everyone else, mothers have their own mental health needs, too. They are no different from other communities that may suffer in silence.


If you know someone who may be experiencing challenges, do not hesitate to reach out and offer help. Or, if you find yourself in the situation of needing help, take courage in knowing that you are not alone, it’s okay to be vulnerable and seek professional help. It is perfectly okay to not be okay.


Watch the entire length of our coffee chat below.

Full conversation

About Maria Korina Bertulfo

Maria Korina or Mommy MK is the CEO and founder of Filipina Homebased Moms – the first and the biggest freelancing group for Filipino moms with 365,000 members nationwide. Mommy MK is passionate about helping stay-at-home, corporate, and overseas moms thrive in their chosen career either as an entrepreneur or freelancer so that they can earn enough without leaving their family.

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