Party's Over. 🫠

A blog and video series about public health communication.
By Samuel R. Mendez

About the Fellow and Their Health Communication Blog

Sam Mendez is a Ph.D. candidate at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. They have a master’s in media studies and a background in community-based public health research. Their dissertation is bridging natural language processing methods with media studies theory to expand the scope of health literacy research to better suit social media. .

In this blog series, “Party’s Over,” they ask: What can health communication do when “unprecedented times” are the new normal? They aim to share lessons from media arts and media studies to imagine how our health institutions can supporting more meaningful health communication.

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Sam’s blog posts focus on health communication, media, technology, and arts. Read the posts from their “Party’s Over” series for the 2023 BCPH Thought Leadership for Public Health Fellowship below.