Chandra Lingisetty MD, MBA, MHCM, FRSPH

Dr. Chandra Lingisetty

Dr. Chandra Lingisetty, MD, MBA, MHCM, FRSPH is a Harvard graduate and an accomplished physician leader, Innovator and Entrepreneur. He currently works in the U.S. as a Physician Executive in one of the state’s largest healthcare systems. A decade of his 23 years of health care journey is spent in hospital medicine taking care of patients with a wide range of medical problems including cancer of all stages. 


His knowledge, skills and abilities related to advancements in healthcare delivery helped healthcare technology and service startups to design and deliver the solutions of high impact. He focuses on using innovative and data driven tools for improving access to high quality healthcare, prevention and wellness promotion. He believes that the compassionate , empathetic and holistic approach to patient’s ailments remains as the best strategy for favorable healthcare outcomes.

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