Implications for Female Same Sex Couples and HIV

By Heather Tillewein, PhD, CHES and Nicolle Ma



Tillewein H, Ma N, Implications for female same sex couples and HIV. HPHR. 2022;70.

Implications for Female Same Sex Couples and HIV

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Tillewein H and Ma N. Implications for female same sex Couples and HIV. HPHR. 2022;66. 10.54111/0001/NNN4 

There is an increasing number of individuals identifying as LBTQIA+ and engaging in same-sex behaviors in the United States. With the increase of LGBTQIA+ identifying individuals also means there is an increase in women who have sex with women (WSW). In the United States, there is a high prevalence of individuals living with HIV, but only six known cases of HIV transmission from woman to woman. Often, WSW believe that there is no risk of contracting HIV and may be having unsafe sex. This is also perpetuated by other factors that are discussed in the manuscript. To combat these factors, the researchers have laid out recommendations on spreading awareness to prevent WSW to transmitted HIV. The researchers discuss a media campaign, comprehensive sex education, and partnerships in raising awareness on this public health issue. 

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